Upcoming: The Heart of the Universe: A three Day Immersion into the Compassion, Wisdom and Love of the Great Mother

"Awakening to the Goddess" Cover article of New Age Magazine written by Marguerite Rigoglioso featuring Greta's work with women (New Age Magazine no longer exists, article now reproduced in Aisling Magazine)

The Re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine

The return of the Great Goddess marks a turning point in human consciousness. Images of the black Madonna are spontaneously emerging in dreams and visions around the world. She is life's organic response to a world out of balance. She enters each of us as a wondrous healing current that flows into parched hearts with stillness, peace and compassion. She teaches us to make time for meditation, prayer and sacred reflection. She is the fertile dark calling us to renewal and transformation.

She awakens a sense of relatedness through stimulating empathetic awareness that allows us to move beyond the restriction and limitations of our defenses and fears. She is the All Embracer, creating connection between warring aspects within each of us that in time engenders greater tolerance within the human community and compassion and respect for the living Earth.
She returns us to the truth of our own perceptions. She teaches us to receive our own small voice, our pain, discontent and outrage, to reclaim disowned needs and passions, to live an authentic life. She helps us to let go of what has been and willingly recreate ourselves in the now. She is the force that invites us to fully incarnate, to risk knowing what cannot be seen. She teaches us to belong to ourselves first, to go beyond the limits of collective awareness, to be divinely human.

She heals the hate and terror generated by infrastructures of narcissism by emphasizing realness over image, mutuality over dominance and subordination, collaboration over exploitation, consensus over autocracy, cultural respect and exchange over apartheid and genocide.

She liberates us from the illusions of a materialistic world and leads us to what is truly nourishing. She brings us into the present and out of the tyranny of mind, strategy and schedule. She challenges repression through supporting open and vulnerable dialogue. She creates balance by embracing opposites. She guides us to forgiveness through learning to forgive ourselves. She awakens us to heaven on earth.

She teaches us to reject nothing but to find the teaching and the opportunity that underlies every human experience. She transmutes intellectual understanding into wisdom, integrated knowledge that lives in our hearts and bodies as felt principles that guide growth. She inspires freedom of expression and being. She awakens us from spiritual slumber and aligns us with a universe of Spirit. She initiates us into the ineffable bliss of oneness and reverence for all life forms.

The Great Mother awakens the feminine dimension in all of us, men and women. She opens a field of tolerance within humanity so that there can be a new wave of women in spiritual, politcal and cultural leadership. She is yin coming to balance her beloved yang.She and He are inexorably connected, forever renewing the other. She spreads quietude and reflection to our over-stimulated and hyperactive minds. She is the power of Love healing the distortions of our hearts through teaching us to love ourselves.

She is the heart of the universe. She is the Soul of the World. She has heard our prayers. She has risen. She Is.

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