Water is the source of all life. It has been worshiped for millenniums by cultures across the globe as sacred. Today there is an urgent need for people to tune into the gravity of what is now happening to our oceans, streams, lakes and aquifers, world wide.

In the 2011 UN Climate Summit the pervasive thought by those who were not in denial about the dangers of global warming, is that we had five years, until 2017, to turn around human habits concerning all aspects of water consumption, waste and preservation.

Now, in 2017, with the corporate agenda of the white house, we must work harder then ever to follow the example of the Standing Rock Oglala Sioux and Northern Cheyenne tribes, the Water Protectors, and stand up for water and the future of humanity.

When water disappears, life disappears. Create a discussion in your community, start a blog, collaborate with concerned neighbors on solutions and then take action. We have no time to waste.

Honoring and Preserving Water

What you can do to help turn the tides of the Earth's precious waters:

Offer a daily invocation of love and respect to the waters near you or offer your blessing long distance

Learn about what is happening to water our single most precious resource. Read about the privatization of water and how to protect your community's water shed as well as other key issues at the following links:
The World Water Council

Global Oneness Project, Elemental, the Power of Water

Organize a crew of people to clean up a nearby beach, river or wetland. Join Ocean Conservancy's coastal clean up day on September 17. oceanconservancy.org/cleanup

Give fish a break and eat less or stop eating seafood all together. Since the 1950's we've extracted 90 percent of many popular types from the sea. Fish in need of a break now: all kinds of tuna, sword fish, shark, wild salmon, haddock, sole, lobsters ...these are all nearly fished out in many regions of the world.

Jacques Cousteau's grandson Fabien, started Plant a fish to replant key aqautic species. A $25 donation "plants 10 endangered sea turtles. Learn more

Give up using plastic all together. Plastics are destroying are oceans. Carry a glass water bottle. Here are two products that are trying to help solve the plastic bottle issue with empathy and style.

New Klean Kanteen Reflect model pure and simple

Love Bottles, reusable glass water bottle you can write on...fun and sustainable!!