About Greta

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Greta Bro is an inspirational teacher, spiritual healer, empath, vocal sound healer, singer/songwriter and multi-media performance artist.  Her message is simple yet profound. She teaches that each of us is a vast ocean of being and that humanity's suffering is due to loss of connection to the sacred dimension of our selves and life.

She, like so many, believes that humanity is at the edge of a quantum leap. She teaches that breakthrough for our world lies in reopening the heart. The heart can hold the dichotomies of existence the way the mind cannot. She believes the return to heart is happening through the re-emergence of the feminine function, the great and fertile Dark. Through the re-integration of the feminine principle one learns to stop controlling and flow with the deep transformational currents that are reshaping humanity, realigning us to the sacred, to the soul, the earth, right now.

Re-balancing into the feminine is essential to learning spiritual tools like surrender, acceptance, knowing, intuition and enter into the stillness of pure being. The feminine allows us to embrace the full spectrum of our beings, grieve loss of connection to the soul and to sacred awareness, release dysfunctional patterns and beliefs that cause suffering while simultaneously awakening a sense of divine wholeness, the integration of masculine and feminine principles.

Through the lens of the soul (which is already whole) one begins to experience the sanctity of all life experiences and all life forms. The feminine allows us to receive our true identities, our deepest needs as sentient beings and align with the powerful waves of universal love that are causing widespread upheaval and transformation on Earth.  

People who work with Greta learn to trust themselves on every level of being. They grow in awareness of who they are in essence and then from the lens of this essence learn to lovingly work through family and cultural wounding that causes fracturing and split, disassociation, compartmentalization, depression, isolation, self hate, perfectionism, addiction, mental and physical illness, fear and despair. She helps people transform core wounding into magnificent Soul work.


Greta was a mystical child. She had many extraordinary spiritual experiences starting at an early age. Her parents who studied with Edgar Cayce were very open and curious about Greta's mediumistic and mystical nature. They listened to her visions and drawings coming from other dimensions and past life experiences without skepticism and in this way encouraged her intuitive abilities. They also surrounded the family with a flow of deep thinkers, theologians, psychics, mediums, healers, artists and visionaries.

Greta awakened to her healing gifts in the eighties during a spiritual emergency, where she found herself hospitalized for months at a time with a life threatening form of colitis. She endured unspeakable pain and in the midst of suffering found she was visited by spirit teachers who bathed her in streams of universal energy, healing sound and guidance. Through attuning to the wisdom and field of these masters she was not only able to face the pycho-spiritual split stemming from familial and cultural patterns that was at the root of the enigmatic auto immune dis-ease but she was able to heal the life threatening form of colitis completely.  Through the process of healing, she awakened to her unique gifts as an empath, spiritual healer, shaman and vocal sound healer.

Greta makes her spiritual healing work, Source Continuum, available to others by being a portal or channel for the same universal masters and streams of multi-dimensional energies from which she received healing. She transmits guidance emanating from a host of universal masters and mystery traditions including  Miriam (Mary), Quan Yin, Isis, Norahh, Sunbear, Merlin, and Gaia herself. Interfacing with the higher frequencies of these Teachers creates deep psycho-spiritual, emotional, physiological and archetypal shifts.

Individuals who work with Greta privately or in retreats find they are able to move beyond the confines of limiting beliefs that make up their current ego structure by expanding into the oceanic waters of the soul where they can spontaneously connect to buried and disowned aspects of themselves suspended in time by trauma, neglect and loss. It is in this way that people begin to grow into a new flow between all aspects of being... mind, heart, body and spirit.

She conducts a palpable universal field that enables people to connect to a new vision of life on earth. While working with Greta individuals reconnect to the vast, spiritual treasures within and to the wisdom and beauty of the living earth. Greta believes that as more of humanity grieves instead of denies pain, accepts and forgives instead of defends, trusts life and refuses to shut down, then the emergent paradigm of the New Earth will rise like yeast in bread and awaken within the greater humanity.

We can already see this happening in the global movement toward humane treatment of at risk populations including animals, the demand for freedom of expression and for increased ethics in government and business. Humanity is beginning to evolve spiritually and this will only increase as a significant number of souls awaken and reach a tipping point. It is then that the quantum leap will occur. The living earth suffers greatly from humanity's disconnection. It is up to everyone to fulfill their role in the great turning. Now is the time to wake up!

Greta is the founder of Wisdom Ways Retreats, The Seven Gates Mystery School. She calls her healing work Source Continuum. She has a graduate degree from Lesley University where she studied depth psychology, holistic healing, expressive arts therapies and transformational theater. She studied with the gifted trance channel Matarre for ten years and in the early 90's studied for a six month period  with spiritual healer, Animika.

Her original CD, "Love's Song", released in 2009 has delighted audiences in the US, Europe and Brazil. She is currently finsihing a book about the revolution of Soul in our world.

Greta also brings to her work twenty years experience as a psycho-spiritual therapist specializing in depth psychology, her extensive experience as a workshop leader at centers and colleges including Interface Foundation and Lesley College. She performs throughout the year with her band the Greta Bro Group  and as an actor/director/dancer in numerous transformational theater pieces. She is currently working on a dance theater piece about woman's journey to wholeness called "Inside Out."

She has also been a pioneer in women’s spirituality and gender issues since the early 70’s. She has led countless rituals and founded a procession to the Divine Mother in Gloucester, MA in 2002. She seeded a woman’s study Department at Marlboro College in the early seventies and has led workshops and retreats on the emergence of the Sacred Feminine since 1977. In the 90’s she had a radio program at WALE out of Providence called “Searching For The Goddess” where she interviewed pioneers of women’s spirituality in the USA and in Europe. She now has a blog radio program called, The Re-evolution of Soul which will begin airing in February 2014.